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01 Mar 2017 – White House Says Kellyanne Conway Won’t Be Disciplined for Telling the Public to Buy Ivanka’s Products

“Consistent with this commitment to ethical compliance, the Office of White House Counsel immediately undertook a review of the facts and circumstances surrounding comments made by Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, relating to the business interests of the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump….” Passantino wrote in a letter to the OGE provided to The Daily

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08 Feb 2017 – Spicer: Nordstrom Dropping Ivanka Trump’s Line Is ‘Direct Attack’ On President

When asked why Nordstrom’s decision would be an attack on the President’s daughter after she supposedly removed herself from her company, Spicer said that the attack affects Ivanka Trump because the brand still bears her name. – Talking Points https://archive.is/75Nw9