07 Feb 2017 – Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary; Pence Breaks Tie

“These are the Senators who voted for DeVos and their term ends in 2018:

•Flake – Arizona
•Wicker – Mississippi
•Fischer – Nebraska
•Heller – Nevada
•Corker – Tennessee
•Cruz – Texas
•Hatch – Utah
•Barrasso – Wyoming”

The ultimate goal here was to create a new “value school” model in the state, delivering schooling at a per-student cost of roughly $5000, over $2000 less than the average reimbursement provided by the state for each child enrolled in a district’s schools–with “edupreneurs” pocketing the balance. For Snyder and DeVos, the purpose of education is not to help develop a more informed and educated citizenry, or to help children to become more fully human by providing a comprehensive, high quality curriculum, including music, art, and physical education in addition to the rest of the disciplines. The purpose of education under Snyder and DeVos is to turn the state’s once excellent system of public schools into an educational WalMart, boasting “low, low prices” in place of quality instruction.

New York Times